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Public Safety Priorities

Greater Police Presence

Although the city has made great progress in hiring more patrol officers, we still have work to do in order to make sure that our city has an adequate police force. Alderman Hopkins will continue to advocate for hiring more police officers so that CPD can to respond to 911 calls more quickly and effectively. Alderman Hopkins will also work to secure funding to re-open the 13th District police station as a satellite station for patrol officers and the public alike.

Neighborhood Policing

Alderman Hopkins supports providing Chicago police with training that teaches them how to best work with our city’s diverse population regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, or socioeconomic status. This will help police build trust in each neighborhood so that no one hesitates to call the police or work with them to catch criminals. In his second term, Alderman Hopkins will work with the aldermen in neighboring wards to create sensible, comprehensive neighborhood-wide plans for combating crime.

21st Century Training

Alderman Hopkins worked with his fellow aldermen to facilitate the hiring of new police officers and to begin the process of constructing the new $95 million police training academy for future police recruits. He is committed to making sure the academy provides training reforms that meet the standards laid out in the Justice Department's consent decree, such as better response to individuals with mental health issues, reforms to standards for use of force and alternative responses to threats (such as Tasers), and training on proper use of police body cameras

Northwestern University Memorandum of Understanding

Alderman Hopkins worked with Alderman Reilly to facilitate the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding between Northwestern University’s campus police and the Chicago Police Department in the 18th District to more effectively coordinate their efforts to fight neighborhood crime. The agreement is still being finalized, but it will allow Northwestern Police to monitor and respond to calls broadcast on to the Zone.

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